Surge DDD17: Light Guise2

Light Guise – Pallavi Dean Interiors

Pallavi Dean Interiors are thrilled to be collaborating with Black Body and experimenting with a relatively new technology; OLED surface light. Blackbody OLED challenges our traditional relationship with light and negates the need for a separate bulb and shade. Using light as a surface material, we were inspired by the term “Experience The Light Couture” and created a wearable piece that plays on the idea of feminine beauty and modesty. Our sculptural form can be worn as neck piece to illuminate and frame the face, or in contrast can be extruded to create a mask.

Designers: Christina Morgan, Fatima Elfeki and Pallavi Dean from Pallavi Dean Interiors
Build Partner: Black Body

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Designed by

Pallavi Dean

Christina Morgan

Fatma Elfeki

Presenting Sponsor

No Grey Area



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