Surge DDD17: Lily Lamp8

Lily Lamp – HOK

The lily lamp’s inspiration is derived from the submerged aquatic landscapes and the flora found in those biomes.

We imagined ourselves as underwater visitors looking upwards towards the sky; studying the sciographic patterns generated as the light rays interact with the water’s surface. We attempted to recreate that refraction effect, creating a strong ambience, reminiscent of the underwater world, with a design shaped as a typical underwater flower: seemingly weightless, delicate and elegant.

Designers: Maja Fiszer-Blachowicz, Mira Patel, Alejandro Ribas Mercau & Sanjeev Coelho from HOK
Build Partner: Petra Van der Plas and LGX – Light Graphics

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Designed by

Alejandro Ribas Mercau

Mira Patel

Sanjeev Coelho

Maja Fiszer


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