Perforation (Maja Kozel) - 11

perfOratiOn – Maja Kozel, Juan Roldan & Camilo Cerro

Our design piece has evolved from folding and unfolding, working with planes in offset. The concept of the divider piece is to have the flexibility in density to create your own sense of privacy. The perforation inside the plyboard planes represents raindrops falling down. The planes are situated to be reconfigured depending on the space that is available as the top and bottom pieces are connected without any screws or glue.

The fun part are the inserts can have various options as elements such as:

  • Repurposed glass bottles with lighting inside.
  • Repurposed water taps that function as hangers Repurposed jars that function as plant holders
  • Repurposed straps that can function as magazine holders

Designer: Maja Kozel from Maja Design, Juan Roldan & Camilo Cerro from American University of Sharjah – CAAD

Build Partner: American University of Sharjah – CAAD

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Designed by

Maja Kozel

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