Surge DDD17: The Pearl1

The Pearl – Gensler

Our narrative provides an insight into Gensler’s vision and offers a glimpse into the design language of “The Pearl” – an artistic journey of exploration, complementing the heritage of UAE and focusing on the aspirations of the design brief. The design approach instills an emotional connection with past traditions which is sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. “An enduring, tiny grain of sand cultivates layers of luminous, miraculous, one of a kind beauty just as life challenges cultivates and evolves each of our soul.”

Designer: Yasmin Farahmandy from Gensler
Build Partner: Bond Interiors, Madina Glass, Eltete

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Designed by

Yasmin Farahmandy

Yasmin Farahmandy is a 26-year-old interior designer. She studied in Vancouver and Milan and now works for Gensler in Dubai.

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