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Innovative, compact, beautiful: we present the new Bike Personal. Its small size and elegant design allow you to shape the gym of your dreams in any environment. Technogym Coach marks a new milestone in training technology: it is your on-demand Personal Trainer, ready to help you reach your fitness goals wherever you are.

A new icon is born Discover how the unique touch of Antonio Citterio design meets more than thirty years of biomechanical research. The revolutionary Technogym Coach guides you towards your goals, in the comfort of your home. No indoor bike has ever managed to include so many reasons for loving physical exercise at home.

Small footprint. Maximum potential If you consider the space it occupies, Bike Personal will surprise you: its bulk is the smallest ever achieved in an indoor bike of this level. But it will be the style, biomechanics, connectivity and training features that will give you its real dimensions.

An On-Demand Personal Trainer It is easy to achieve your fitness goals when you have a Personal Trainer following you. Discover Technogym Coach, the revolutionary innovation that will make you definitely enjoy your workout. Choose your class, start pedaling and reach your best shape.

Authentic Sensations. Simplicity and Effectiveness Every detail of this extraordinary indoor bike is carefully designed and built. The feeling of pedaling is so natural that it gives you the same sensations as going out on the road.


Natural Ride The roundness and fluidity of the push on the pedals is the first sensation that hits you when you start pedaling. And, thanks to the advanced biomechanical features and the reduced distance between the pedals, you will feel like you are right on two wheels.

Easy to Use Getting on a vertical bike has never been easier, thanks to the ample space between the saddle and handlebar.

Everything Under Control 
All the controls are close at hand. Change the resistance with a simple touch. The integrated hand sensors measure your heart rate, allowing you to always train at the right intensity.

Your Heart Sets the Pace Heart rate is a key parameter to verify the effectiveness of your training. Bike Personal goes even further: the CPR training mode adapts the intensity according to your heart rate, without you having to worry about settings.

Your devices always charged Charge the batteries while you train. The wireless charger recharges your devices during training, so you never find yourself running out of battery afterwards.

Smart. Connected. Personal. Your life is a continuous flow, before, during and after training: our digital console helps you to let it flow without interruption. We call it Unity, because it connects you with the world around you. So the Internet, social media, TV channels, Netflix. Irresistible workouts, traced with extreme simplicity, from day to day. And much more.

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