SKILLROW™ is the first fully connected indoor rowing equipment that trains both cardio and power at athlete’s level, thanks to its sport-specific design, exclusive technology and performance-oriented workouts.

Technogym® teamed up with rowing champions to develop SKILLROW™, the first gym rowing machine capable of improving anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular abilities in a single solution.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Offer your users the chance to row together in total synchronicity as a real crew. Group rowing represents a profitable business model for gyms and studios and gives new energy for the gym floor.

Fully Connected

Thanks to the SKILLROW™ APP, users can enjoy a more motivating digital experience. It’s like having a virtual cox always close by.

Easy to store

SKILLROW™ can be quickly and easily dismantled into two parts for easy storage.

Improved stability

Solid and compact, SKILLROW™ is designed for intense workouts in a completely safe environment, without the risk of the equipment moving during training.


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