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All That Remains

All that remains is 'Inspired by the natural form, strength and lightness of nature, A journey into the study of spatial awareness within volume and an expression of organic simplicity'.

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‘Inspired by the natural form, strength and lightness of nature, A journey into the study of spatial awareness within volume and an expression of organic simplicity’

‘All that Remains’ is a timber bench created through the understanding of flowing organic volumes and the relations between positive and negative spaces which have been parametrised into simpler 2 dimensional elements and then assembled to reveal a complex 3 dimensional form which would stand out as a gallery piece in its own right. It is designed to entice conversation in any environment it inhabits. It is intended to prompt interaction with its users not only as a bench but as a sensory exploration.
I want people to visually explore its organic fluidity, smell the warmth of its timber DNA, experience the texture and contrast of both physical and non physical elements as they touch it.
The vision behind the conception of the bench is the juxtaposed yet unified integrity of how positive space affects negative space and visa versa. If it weren’t for the one we would not have the other. The shape and form of the negative, non-physical space elements are as much a design consideration as the physical parametric elements. This holistic approach to design understanding is what makes this piece truly unique.
Material: Constructed from 18mm plywood with a choice of face veneer either with exposed plywood edges or matching veneered edging.
There will also be an option of natural felt edging on each profile as well as having the bench sprayed in a coloured lacquer of choice.
The availability of options to the finishes allows for each bench to be uniquely customised to the requirements of the spaces it will inhabit.
Dimensions197.8 x 129.5 x 73 cm

Designed by

Francois Papastefanou

Francois Papastefanou

Born into an artistic family in Johannesburg South Africa, natural evolution led me to pursue a career in design. Growing up I worked alongside my father designing exhibition stands and learning the ropes behind the lens of a camera and on completion of school enrolled in the studies of product and interior design. Through my almost two decades in the interior design industry in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates I discovered that my true passion was to design objects. Objects are the defining catalysts that create mood, character and a sense of atmosphere within spaces. Objects are the inspirational elements that can determine how you feel when walking into a space. I want to be part of that inspiration through my products. My pieces are created to stir emotion within the spaces they inhabit through the relationship and unity of art, function and form.

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