About the Product

Discover the new version of Teresa Sapey’s iconic design for Vondom. Though the use of the polycarbonate injection  technique, new finishes full of colour and transparency have been incorporated. The combination of light and geometrical  shapes transforms the Adan Nano into a magical design that shines all by itself. 

In addition, the structure gains stability due to its increased capacity and weight, making Adan the best option to decorate a  variety of spaces. It can be used as a vase, a flowerpot, an organizer, a book holder or simply a decorative object, Adan has an  infinite number of uses. 

Available in translucent colours that resemble a jewel (diamond, amber, zaphire, or fumé) or opaque finishes (black, white,  pistachio, navy, and many others). 

Create your own little paradise! 




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