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In Review: Cosentino’s Dekton Stonika

19 Nov , 2019   Video

Jenni Wellings from LW Design and Boutros Boutros from Brand Creative explore Cosentino’s latest Dekton Stonika collection, a versatile and beautiful surface product. Here is what we learnt…

ARTICLE: In Review

In Review: No Grey Area’s Stretch Ceiling Lightbox

29 Oct , 2019   Video

Experts Regina Santos from Godwin Austen Johnson, and Claudia Vaca from Woods Bagot review NGA’s popular Stretch Ceiling Lightbox, and designer Tarek Shafagoj of ōpaal Interiors talks about his inspiration and use of the product to stunning results. 

ARTICLE: In Review

In Review: Haworth Collection presents Brunner’s Ray

14 Oct , 2019   Video

Designers Yullianna Porter and Michal Hrabovsky from JLL and Massa respectively, review the Brunner Ray chairs, part of the Haworth Collection portfolio. And flying in from Germany to introduce this latest range by celebrity designers Jehs and Laub, was Elke Renk, Area Sales Manager at Brunner.

ARTICLE: In Review

In Review: Humanscale Monitor Arm

8 Oct , 2019   Video

We brought designers Laila Al-Yousuf from SAY Studio, and Gareth Cain from AAID to Humanscale’s offices in d3 to review their new range of monitor arms. With such a collective design experience between them, both Laila and Gareth had lots to say about the range and how it fits into today’s agile office.

ARTICLE: In Review

In Review: Wilkhahn’s Timetable Lift

1 Oct , 2019   Video

Today, we can work from anywhere, as long as we have our mobile phones and portable devices. Leading German manufacturer Wilkhahn have designed a table that addresses the demands of the new agile workforce with their latest product, the Timetable Lift.

ARTICLE: In Review

In Review: Shaw Contract’s Inside Shapes Collection

3 Sep , 2019   Video

For our review, we invited designers Dragana Cemalovic from Bluehaus Group, and Wassim Jammal from JPA Design, to Shaw Contract’s brand new showroom in d3, where Samatha Dawe, Marketing Manager EMEA, gave us an introduction to the product, followed by a bit of play and experimentation. Here are our thoughts…

ARTICLE: In Review

In Review: Dyson’s Lightcycle™ Task Light

27 Aug , 2019   Video

Dyson’s latest product, the LightCycle, is a beautiful blend of cutting edge, lighting technology and human-centered design, both in form and purpose. Together with designers Adriana Grauer of Perkins+Will and Ahmed Saliem of Nulty, we reviewed this impressive combination of engineering and design at Dyson’s Dubai offices.

ARTICLE: In Review

In Review… Milliken’s Comfortable Concrete 2.0

22 Jul , 2019  

With all the talk of bringing the outdoors in, it is refreshing to see a leading manufacturer take on a different approach – one that involves embracing the urban environment we’ve grown accustomed to. 

ARTICLE: In Review

In Review: Optima’s Revolution 100 with Elite Aero Pocket Sliding Doors

2 Jul , 2019  

Another morning, this time at the Optima offices situated in the picturesque setting of the Marina Plaza, was spent dedicated to a review of Optima’s latest innovation, the Revolution 100 with Elite Aero Pocket Sliding Doors. Joining us for this review were Haneeta Chawla, Senior Interior Designer at Roar, and Stuart Allen, Founder and Managing Director of AAID. And if you thought there was not much to say about partitioning systems… think again!

ARTICLE: In Review

In Review… Interstuhl’s PUREis3

20 May , 2019  

We finally got a chance to review Interstuhl’s most talked about agile task chair, PUREis3, one rainy Dubai morning. Joining us were seasoned designers Tia Lindqvist from GAJ, and Tania König from Cambridge Design, who were equally impressed by its simplicity and engineering excellence.

ARTICLE: In Review

In Review… Herman Miller’s Cosm

19 Mar , 2019  

Ever since Salone Del Mobile 2018, where we first laid eyes on the Cosm, we were waiting to get our hands on it for a review. And we finally got our chance, so we invited Salwa Najafi from Gensler and Aleksandra Nastic from Woods Bagot to weigh in with us.

ARTICLE: In Review

In Review… Boss Design’s ATOM

19 Feb , 2019  

Boss Design’s ATOM collection could very well push the status quo with its super modular, flexible range that allows a designer to create entire habitats. We invited Chris Barnes and Yullianna Porter to join us for a review, with Simon Pengelly, designer of the ATOM, speaking about the collection’s inspiration and possibilities.

ARTICLE: In Review

In Review… Dyson’s Airblade™ Wash+Dry

5 Feb , 2019  

When was the last time a product as commonplace as a tap or hand dryer made you stop and think, “Now that’s awesome…”? We experienced such a moment at the Dyson offices in Dubai, where we gathered to review the Airblade™ Wash+Dry.

ARTICLE: In Review

In Review… TechnoGym’s Kinesis Personal

29 Jan , 2019  

As a departure from our normal product review routine, we teamed up with the brains and brawns behind Technogym, to review the innovative Kinesis Personal with designers Ellen Søhoel and Julijana Mitic, both ‘heavyweights’ in their field.

ARTICLE: In Review

In Review… Wilkhahn’s AT chair

15 Jan , 2019  

Designers Hilda Impey and Shawna Mcfee spent an afternoon with us at the Wilkhahn showroom, exploring and understanding the workings of AT, their latest task chair. And we were lucky enough to have AT designer Aiko Telgen on Skype, who took us through the chair’s inspirational, developmental journey.

ARTICLE: In Review

In Review… Orangebox’s Eva

11 Dec , 2018  

David Lessard and Valentina Cereda joined us for an interesting afternoon at the Orangebox Smartworking Showroom in d3. The star of the gathering was Orangebox’s very light, nimble and intuitive task chair, Eva, and by the end of our review session, both designers became fans of this sleek, sustainable package.

ARTICLE: In Review

Emily Wong and Kamsin Mirchandani try out Humanscale’s QuickStand Under Desk

30 Oct , 2018  

With a growing awareness for wellbeing in the workplace, and sit/stand desks becoming increasingly popular, we invited Emily Wong and Kamsin Mirchandani to try out Humanscale’s QuickStand Under Desk, and give us their thoughts.

ARTICLE: In Review

Nadine Abedzadeh and Zoe Victoria Allen on Interstuhl’s VINTAGEis5 Chair Range

16 Oct , 2018  

We spent a morning at Interstuhl’s Middle East offices with Nadine Abedzadeh and Zoe Victoria Allen, getting up close and personal with the VINTAGEis5. This chair range is marked as Interstuhl’s most flexible, wide-ranging and customisable one, and Sales Manager, Oliver Nathmann, showed us that this, in fact, was true.

ARTICLE: In Review

Emmy Taimour and Adil Amin on Haworth’s Fern Chair

25 Sep , 2018  

We invited Emmy Taimour, Associate Design Director at DWP, and Adil Amin, Head of Interior Design at Bluehaus, to experience Haworth’s Fern chair.


ARTICLE: In Review

Maja Kozel and Laila Al-Yousuf on CREATE by Ideapaint

24 Jul , 2018  

Maja Kozel and Laila Al-Yousuf review CREATE by IdeaPaint, the dry-erase paint that converts any hard surface into a writable one.


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