ARTICLE: In Review

Nadine Abedzadeh and Zoe Victoria Allen on Interstuhl’s VINTAGEis5 Chair Range

16 Oct , 2018  

We spent a morning at Interstuhl’s Middle East offices with Nadine Abedzadeh and Zoe Victoria Allen, getting up close and personal with the VINTAGEis5. This chair range is marked as Interstuhl’s most flexible, wide-ranging and customisable one, and Sales Manager, Oliver Nathmann, showed us that this, in fact, was true.

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ARTICLE: In Review

Emmy Taimour and Adil Amin on Haworth’s Fern Chair

25 Sep , 2018  

We invited Emmy Taimour, Associate Design Director at DWP, and Adil Amin, Head of Interior Design at Bluehaus, to experience Haworth’s Fern chair.


ARTICLE: In Review

Maja Kozel and Laila Al-Yousuf on CREATE by Ideapaint

24 Jul , 2018  

Maja Kozel and Laila Al-Yousuf review CREATE by IdeaPaint, the dry-erase paint that converts any hard surface into a writable one.

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ARTICLE: In Review

Pallavi Dean and Jaqueline Craft on Steelcase’s SILQ

22 May , 2018   Video

During the course of our afternoon spent with the Steelcase team, Pallavi Dean (Design Director and Architect at Pallavi Dean Interiors) and Jacqueline Craft (Senior Interior Designer at LW Design) familiarized themselves with recently launched SILQ. Take a look at what they had to say.

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ARTICLE: In Review

Toku by Schiavello – In review

10 Apr , 2018   Video

With the help of Vera Dieckmann (Albal Design Studio) and Christian Merieau (MMAC), we’ve reviewed Schiavello’s Toku range.

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