COMPANY: Architects/Designers


18 Jun , 2017  

From interior design to architecture, Massa is dedicated to create an engaging interaction between people and their environment; setting the quality standard for design excellence and spatial problem solving in healthcare, corporate and hospitality facilities.

COMPANY: Architects/Designers

LW Design

4 Jun , 2017  

LW has established a worldwide presence in recent years, with a large number of impressive, award-winning projects

COMPANY: Architects/Designers

Wilson Associates

4 Jun , 2017  

Wilson Associates creates new definitions of luxury for an era that’s increasingly well traveled, connected and culturally diverse. For more than 40 years, the firm’s dynamic talent and collaborative spirit have created the world’s most trendsetting, iconic projects. Through their dedication to progressive design, they aim to inspire and engage clients, people and world culture. […]

COMPANY: Architects/Designers


24 May , 2017  

FITCH transforms consumer experience and accelerates business success.

COMPANY: Architects/Designers


22 May , 2017  

An award winning and internationally acclaimed design consultancy that creates, defines, evolves and delivers ‘Total retail’ concepts of any scale around the world.

COMPANY: Project Management Companies

​Carter Stephenson Quinn

21 May , 2017  

Carter Stephenson Quinn is a project development consultancy regulated by the RICS.

COMPANY: Architects/Designers | Interiors/Fit-out Contractors

Inc Group LLC

15 May , 2017  

INC Group is a strategic interior solutions company that specializes in providing a broad range of interior design and fit-out services for commercial interior environments. Established in 1988 under the Incorp brand with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the Incorp Group Dubai office, established in 2008, has recently become a wholly owned and independent […]

Parkers, Dubai

COMPANY: Interiors/Fit-out Contractors

Apple Interiors

11 May , 2017  

Apple Interiors is an ISO certified international company specializing in providing interior Concepts design, Fit Out, Furniture & construction services within the Commercial office, hospitality, retail, food and beverage, technology, education and healthcare sectors.

COMPANY: Architects/Designers

Michaelis Boyd

9 May , 2017  

Michaelis Boyd is a design-led practice with a modern approach aimed at simplifying the client brief and scheme designs. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that each scheme functions in the best possible manner, in terms of flow, light and space.

COMPANY: Architects/Designers


8 May , 2017  

Harrison creates new successful hospitality concepts, energises and renovates existing brands, and designs award-winning spaces.


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