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Al Shafar General Contracting


Al Shafar General Contracting (ASGC) was established in 1989, quickly becoming part of UAE’s nascent construction industry. The years which followed took the company on a impressive growth path, with ASGC now standing as a solid, mature and diversified organization.

In the last quarter-century, the Company has established itself as one of the leading construction businesses in the UAE and Egypt. ASGC has applied its broad expertise to multiple challenging projects, focusing on a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

With an established track record of major developments in its portfolio, and with strong strategic partnerships and an experienced and knowledgeable management team, the Company is well positioned to continue supplying its excellent services well into the future.

ASGC was established in 1989 as a family-owned enterprise with a modest profile. Since that time, the Company has evolved to become one of the significant players in the Middle East construction industry and now employees in excess of 10,000 people. Being awarded the license necessary for building ‘unlimited storey’ properties in 2000 allowed the Company to move up to the next level of construction projects in terms of scale and diversity. At the same time, the rapidly rising demand for large scale innovative buildings within the UAE gave the Company a golden opportunity to become a key contributor towards the development of the property industry, one of the region’s most successful economic drivers




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