And Now…Concept Creation

About the company

AndNow…Concept Creation is a fresh and dynamic design studio based in Dubai, UAE and is formulated by highly accomplished individuals with an extensive wealth of experience across the creative disciplines.

Their objective is to modify the typical design process by bringing together a unique collective of creative minds who not only deliver original and high quality spatial experiences, but through future thinking and adaptability, offer awe-inspiring and feasible design solutions in line with the rapid development observed within today’s societies.

With invaluable experience across 5 continents and expertise with regards to technical advancements, trend shifts and contemporary design methodology, they are able to provide innovative designs which embrace future vision and inspire user creativity within the spaces themselves, thus initiating an ever changing ambience and a rewarding business model.

AndNow…Concept Creation offers a broad spectrum of creative services including concept creation, interior design, furniture design, architecture, ff&e, branding and business model formulation.

With our combined experience we also have prolific knowledge across the major design disciplines and have delivered award winning projects within leisure and hospitality, residential, commercial, healthcare, transport and retail sectors.

Detailing is fundamental in our strategy and in parallel with technical advancements and future innovation, AndNow strive to deliver flexible and visionary environments of a timeless quality aesthetic to induce a state of conscious enjoyment within the end user.

Embracing the arts and collaborating with highly creative individuals to convey a finer ingenuity and intensify the projects we undertake is the AndNow ideology.

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And Now…Concept Creation

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Al Saaha Offices, Souk Al Bahar, Office 404, Bldg B


United Arab Emirates