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Tharwat Investment Holding Limited




901 Icon Tower, Barsha Heights, Dubai
United Arab Emirates



Tharwat Investment Holding Limited is a privately owned Family Office / Investment group with a global mandate and a diversified portfolio of holdings across the Middle East and international markets. Tharwat manages companies in a number of sectors, including: Real Estate, Consulting and Commercial Leasing. Our investments and operations are in different countries around the world, with a higher focus on the GCC. Tharwat has established short and long term strategic objectives for its operations and investments to meet the shareholders objectives and is continually seeking new expansion opportunities. They currently have, directly or indirectly, more than 10 affiliated companies engaged in various business activities including financing, Real Estate ,Consulting and leasing. Their main objective is to provide support for all of affiliated companies in a wide range of areas like strategic planning, policy setting, performance monitoring, etc. They are actively involved with their investor's to motivate them in achieving greater success. Their head office is based in Gate District Building 4, DIFC, Dubai, UAE.