The Italian Way Design Award Competition 2018

27 Aug , 2018  

Peroni Nastro Azzurro’s The Italian Way Product Design Award invited the region’s most creative minds to submit a design that embodies the spirit of conviviality and explores a range of products from modular pieces to imaginative everyday tools. Entrants to the competition were asked to design an object of any scale, inspired by traditional crafts and Italian style, that blended with Arab culture and would also work for the outdoors.

While creativity made up a major part of the judging criteria for shortlisting, implementation of elements such as innovation, use of unique materials and technology and functionality,  also weighed in.

The five shortlisted designs from The Italian Way Product Design Award 2018 will be on display at Molecule, d3, Dubai from 4th to 17th November. And the winner will be announced at the invitation only awards party taking place at the same venue on the evening of the 14th.


14th November 2018 - 6:00PM to 10:00PM


Molecule, Dubai Design District

The Five Finalists

As the second edition of the Italian Way Product Design Award night approaches, we share with you the shortlisted candidates (in no particular order).

One of these five finalists will take away the coveted award, after a thorough and comprehensive decision making process by an international panel of industry experts, including Roberto Palomba from Palomba Serafini Associati, Andrea Sanguineti of Alias, Giulia Fiumi from Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Andrea Sensoli from SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*, Matteo Bernocchi from H&H Investment Group, Alessandra Misuri Professor Interior Design at the University of Abu Dhabi, Fadi Sarieddine from Fadi Sarieddine Studio, and Maja Kozel from Maja Kozel Design.

Here is the talent and their design entries:

Ruchi Joshi

Based on the conventional Arabian tent, Ruchi Joshi’s Tensile Fabric Mesh Tent is made of material that is super lightweight but durable, as well as 100 percent recyclable. It allows natural light while glare and heat are reduced, and digital printing options allow customisation and improve aesthetics.


Joud Malhas

The Italian Majlis celebrates ethnic design by deconstructing its patterns into functional elements. A moveable backrest allows for an agile, multi-directional sofa. And the stem of the ‘Umbrella’ is modelled after a banana leaf and made of a bimetallic strip. Under heat, the metal expands to form a slight bend, thereby creating more shade. The top can also be used as a table.


Ivan Parati

In Italian culture the domestic fireplace is a place for gathering and storytelling, and where the family gathers around. While this is an architectural feature, its Arabic counterpart, thanks to their nomadic tradition, is a movable piece that is also flexible in its use. It is often called manqal and can be used to prepare charcoal for the shisha, grill some skewers, or keep your coffee warm. The Cavero can be used indoors and even on a carpeted area as it is elevated from the ground, as well as in a majlis outdoors.


Elizabeth Valkovics

Elizabeth Valkovics’ entry is inspired by Arabian hospitality, whilst also celebrating Italian traditions of craft, effortless style and innovation. The Shams Lounge Chair offers local references, including fishermen’s netting and modern Arabic patterns, as well as Baharat spice blends and brightly coloured regional fabrics.


Ammar Kalo

Inspired by Arabic Majlis seating, Jalsa is a low outdoor lounge chair. Being only 15cm off the ground, the Jalsa seat is designed to mimic the humble nature of an Arabic Majlis cushion and meld it with the elegance of Italian design. It is ergonomically comfortable and offers a unique way to relax after a long day. Jalsa can be used anywhere outdoors – on the grass, on sand, and on hard surfaces. And its profile allows it to be stackable, thus saving space.


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