COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors | Interiors/Fit-out Contractors

CAPS Group

19 Jun , 2019  

The company prides themselves on being a local, yet globally connected partner for their clients. Working closely with retailers both locally and in international markets, they have grown to be flexible in our service, yet always focused on one goal: providing outstanding customer experiences to our clients.  

COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors

Yaşar Yapı İnşaat

18 Jun , 2019  

YAŞAR YAPI has a working discipline that prioritizes quality in order to achieve its goals and commitments and has developed information, human, financing, production and service resources over time. It is a company that concentrates its activities on total quality management in order to maintain its position in the sector and to develop for the better.

COMPANY: Architects/Designers | Civil Engineering Contractors | Interiors/Fit-out Contractors

Pace Interiors

30 Apr , 2019  

Pace is an architecture, engineering, design and planning practice founded in Kuwait City in 1968.

COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors | Interiors/Fit-out Contractors

Havelock One

3 Apr , 2019  

Havelock One operates an extensive manufacturing and warehouse facility in Bahrain that covers an area of 300,000 sq. ft. and the company is currently building another factory for specialised and bespoke joinery and metal works. In addition, the company also has smaller but equally advanced facilities in every country where they operate, including the Kingdom […]

COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors | Interiors/Fit-out Contractors | Project Management Companies

Fast Building Contracting Company L.L.C

30 Jan , 2019  

Recognizing the importance of education, Fast Building provide theoretical & practical training for Engineers & Technicians and other Staff. The company prides itself in construction. The best in Performance and Quality. The company hopes to add value at every stage in the design, construction and project management by implementing the practice of delivering excellence corporate […]

COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors


20 Nov , 2018  

Multiplex is a premier global construction company, shaping skylines and delivering iconic projects for over 55 years. Multiplex is focused on achieving long term, steady growth while transcending industry standards in safety, efficiency and quality.  

COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors


12 Sep , 2018  

WSP is a globally recognized professional services firm employing approximately 43,600 people. 

COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors | Project Management Companies

Turner Construction

12 Sep , 2018  

Turner has been operating in the Middle East since 1975, building a strong portfolio of unique and complex construction projects.

COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors


27 Aug , 2018  

Next Generation Projects – Architectural Design, Project, Project Development, Application

COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors

DİEM Mühendislik Mimarlık Ltd

16 Jul , 2018  

DİEM Mühendislik Mimarlık Ltd mission is to supply services on a corporate base to companies that operate in the corporate field.

COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors

Gordon Gibson Construction

2 Jul , 2018  

Since 1966, Gordon Gibson Construction has been building custom homes of diverse architecture, design and size for a range of clientele throughout Los Angeles.

COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors

Aveng Grinaker-LTA

12 Jun , 2018  

Aveng Grinaker-LTA is a multi-disciplinary construction and engineering group that delivers landmark projects.

COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors | Interiors/Fit-out Contractors

The Green Bridge Group of Companies

27 Dec , 2017   Video

Green Bridge is a leading construction company offering green building solutions and other manufacturing solutions of exemplary standards.

COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors | Interiors/Fit-out Contractors

Stefcon Projects

7 Sep , 2017  

Stefcon Projects’ mission is to provide quality construction services to their clients and maintain successful long term partnerships.

COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors

Al-Futtaim Carillion

25 Jul , 2017  

Al Futtaim Carillion provides a broad range of business in building construction, civil engineering works sewerage works and concrete repairs.

COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors | Interiors/Fit-out Contractors | Project Management Companies


9 Jan , 2017  

ALEC (ALEC Engineering and Contracting LLC) is a multi-award winning, established and successful multi-disciplinary construction company based in Dubai.

COMPANY: Civil Engineering Contractors

Setec Bâtiment

8 Dec , 2016  

Setec Bâtiment is a subsidiary of the setec group, one of the French leaders in engineering, established in 1957. Today Setec Bâtiment is the reference engineering firm for high-added-value building projects, in France and worldwide. Setec Bâtiment has 200 staff in Paris, and two subsidiaries that are both regional and specialised: Serige (Toulouse) and Setec […]


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