COMPANY: Manufacturers


17 Jul , 2018  

Dyson is a global technology company. The Dyson Professional division provides hand dryers, LED lighting, hair dryers, air purifiers and fans, and cord-free vacuum cleaners for businesses.

COMPANY: Manufacturers

Shaw Contract

20 May , 2018  

At Shaw Contract, we believe that the ground beneath your feet should have a positive impact on how you live, learn, work, heal and play.

COMPANY: Manufacturers


9 May , 2018  

Unlike virtually any other manufacturer in the furniture industry, Wilkhahn stands for design made in Germany. Its high quality office and conference furniture are benchmarks for the entire industry.

COMPANY: Manufacturers


3 May , 2018  

Haworth is more than an office furniture manufacturer. The company’s vision is to provide each customer with tailored spaces that enhance their business, stir their spirit and sustain the planet.

COMPANY: Manufacturers


30 Apr , 2018  

NGA invests in high-tech, high-quality interior solution providers. Group members to date include Edward Ray UK Ltd, Control Smart Ltd and Blind Smart Ltd.

COMPANY: Manufacturers


27 Feb , 2018  

Bene is a leading international specialist in the design and furnishing of inspiring office and working environments.

COMPANY: Manufacturers

No Grey Area

20 Feb , 2018  

Now acquired by the No Grey Area group of companies, Edward Ray has been providing specialist LED products to various sectors using energy efficient LED’s to meet the ever increasing quality and sustainability requirements.

COMPANY: Manufacturers


20 Feb , 2018  

OSRAM, based in Munich, is the global No. 1 in automotive car lighting and a globally leading lighting manufacturer with a history dating back more than 100 years.

COMPANY: Manufacturers


20 Feb , 2018  

The brand Lasvit was founded in 2007 by Leon Jakimič. Lasvit’s mission is to transform glass into breathtaking light and design experiences.

COMPANY: Manufacturers


19 Feb , 2018  

Arper creates chairs, tables, and furnishings for community, work and home. We are motivated by relationships: between products and spaces, spaces and people, people and their networks.

COMPANY: Manufacturers

Walter Knoll

14 Jan , 2018  

Walter Knoll creates living spaces with masterly craftsmanship, fine materials and lasting appearance.

COMPANY: Manufacturers


3 Jan , 2018  

The story of Interstuhl started over 50 years ago in a small blacksmith’s workshop. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers in Europe for seating solutions at the workplace.

COMPANY: Manufacturers


12 Dec , 2017  

By definition, we are the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial carpet tile. We lead the industry with design, innovation and sustainability.

COMPANY: Manufacturers

Boss Design

23 Nov , 2017  

Boss Design is a market leader in the UK seating industry and a major player on the international scene.

COMPANY: Manufacturers

Optima Partitions

22 Nov , 2017  

Having pioneered the glazed partitioning market, Optima has been successfully operating in the UAE since 2008.

COMPANY: Manufacturers

Green Furniture Concept

9 Oct , 2017  

Green Furniture Concept makes sustainable design for public interior areas.

COMPANY: Manufacturers


30 Aug , 2017  

For Steelcase one thing still remains constant: people are at the core of our business.

COMPANY: Manufacturers


27 Aug , 2017  

Humanscale is the premier designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that improve health and comfort at work. Our award-winning office solutions – including self adjusting seating, sit/stand desks, monitor arms and task lighting – inspire movement and support the user in their every posture. Humanscale's Design Studio, based in New York City, abides by the [...]

COMPANY: Manufacturers


23 Aug , 2017  

The Schiavello story begins with Tony Schiavello; a furniture maker by trade who migrated to Australia from Italy in the 1950s, bringing with him a tenacity and can-do attitude that drove him to set up shop providing interior partitions and carpentry work to Melbourne businesses. In 1966, Tony, with the support of his younger brother [...]

COMPANY: Manufacturers


27 Jul , 2017  

At Orangebox we deliver responsive, fully integrated services to customers wherever they are in the world and whichever product they specify. We understand our obligations to the environment and are committed to manufacturing and supplying our products as efficiently – and as locally – as we can. Our International distribution strategy supports this commitment, and also [...]


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