Alea Launches F40

Although the year 2020 has shaken up what had been going on up to that point, it is now time to find a balance, which in many cases means alternating between working from home and working with others, respecting the needs of the individual, finding a meeting point between what was the pre-COVID normal, and what we have learned from this global condition.

There is a returning focus on versatile workspaces, which emerged in recent years, where environments lend themselves to different uses at different times of the day. Large and small companies are increasingly trying to recreate comfortable situations in the office, where people can express themselves and feel at ease, encouraging ideas exchange. However, this kind of layout has inevitably led to the need to isolate oneself for a call, a private meeting, or simply to find a moment of greater concentration. For this reason, the increasingly popular trend is to use phone booths and pods of varying sizes to suit specific needs.

For several years now, Alea has been entering the world of partition walls and pods structured for large dimensions. We have now developed simpified solutions to meet the demand for smaller modules. After a period of research and development into materials, shapes and performances, the new F40 collection has come to life. It stands out for its linear design and quick on-site assembly, which reduces costs for the customer. The F40 system comes in the standard sizes 1200×1000, 2200×1000, 2200×2200 mm, and has a range of dedicated and optional interior fittings, for those who want a complete package. In addition, the melamine palette allows F40 to be dressed in various colours.