Ebarza Brings Innovation to Homes with New Studio Service

In the post-COVID-19 era, the evolution of materials technology used in furniture and interior design has accelerated at an unprecedented pace, making it easier to create exceptional, magazine-worthy design at home.  This evolution is supported by the construction boom and the growing interest of investors in acquiring dream homes in the UAE, a region known for its safety, stability, and investment-friendly environment. Ebarza, a leading brand in furniture and design, has announced the launch of its Ebarza Studio design service to help customers bring their vision to life. 

The Ebarza Studio concept revolves around harnessing the creativity and skill of its designers to seamlessly integrate interior design elements such as finishes, flooring, and lighting with its luxurious furniture pieces. The result is a space that resembles a piece of art, with a contemporary style and cohesive ambiance.

Ebarza Studio offers an easy and convenient design experience, whether for updating a space with new furniture, completely redesigning an area, or designing a new space. The service includes initial conversations to discuss ideas and visions, free appointment bookings, and the implementation process.

Commenting on this launch, Ebarza CEO Maana Abu Daqqa, said,

“We are witnessing an unprecedented surge in investors opting to own properties rather than rent them. This trend is driven by investor confidence in the country’s policies that attract capital and support creative minds and talents. With the increase in property ownership, enhancing and renewing interior décor has become essential, as these properties serve as stable homes rather than temporary residences.”

He added, “There has always been a gap between the stages of interior design, implementation, and furnishing. Proposed designs often don’t materialize due to various reasons, such as the unavailability of suggested materials or the impracticality of certain ideas due to limited material technology. This often leads clients to settle for alternatives that may not align with the initial design vision. What sets Ebarza Studio apart is that all proposed solutions, whether in finishes, décor, or furniture, are produced by our factories. This ensures quality and perfect alignment between our designers’ proposals and the execution by our experienced craftsmen.”

Innovative materials today offer practical and creative solutions for designers to reshape the concept of interior design, moving beyond simple paint or wallpaper to a vast array of cladding, lighting, and décor options. These materials not only enhance the space’s elegance but also improve quality of life, balancing beauty and sustainability.

Ebarza is also set to open a designer showroom in KIZAD, Abu Dhabi, by the end of the next month. showcasing practical models of its new range of cladding and décor materials.

About Ebarza:
Ebarza is not just a furniture store. Its presence in the world of interior design dates back more than 15 years. It possesses a solid collection of innovative ideas that are translated into everything it does. We live in a world where we often must choose wisely between luxury and expensive design and common furniture pieces with low prices. Ebarza reflects its unique philosophy of furniture designs that combine a sense of luxury in form, quality in materials, and innovation in design with fair and reasonable prices.
Ebarza aims to create harmony in the entire space it works on, allowing the customer to enjoy the long-lasting harmony of the interior appearance. It embraces the most famous classic-modern designs that eliminate the need for designers to search for various sources to create the desired atmosphere. It offers a fantastic and wide range of furniture pieces, lighting, carpets, and decorations, ensuring that they cater to various types of interior design.