INCLASS, the First Spanish Furniture Manufacturer to Achieve the Greenguard Gold Certification

This Underwriters Laboratories (UL) accreditation recognizes the low emissions of harmful components in products, helping to create safer and healthier indoor environments.

The brand INCLASS has achieved a milestone for the Spanish furniture sector by becoming the first manufacturer to achieve the Greenguard Gold Certification, one of the most rigorous certifications in the world that accredits the low chemical emissions of most of its products.

As a result of an exhaustive process of analysis of all materials, this sustainability seal has been awarded to a total of 226 ‘Seating’ products in its catalog.

The certification achieved by INCLASS is the UL 2818 – GREENGUARD Certification Program for Chemical Emissions for Building Materials, Finishes and Furnishings, issued by Underwriters Laboratories. This is one of the most internationally recognized standard to certify that a product meets the low emission requirements in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia.

The UL Certification Program studies volatile organic components (VOCs) that are derived from the presence of furniture in a specific environment. Thus, products that achieve Greenguard Certification have been scientifically proven to comply with the most rigorous independent standards on the emission of chemicals into the air and, therefore, contribute to creating healthier indoor environments.

“This new certification is the result of the constant work and investment that Inclass has been carrying out for years to offer quality, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly products. Variables that are essential to compete in the demanding international markets where we are present. Within this policy we also carry out other actions. We design long-lasting products from a functional and aesthetic point of view. We manufacture locally complying with the international standards of environmental management ISO 14001 and quality ISO 9001 that guarantee the quality of our products as well as the classification and minimization of waste generated in manufacturing. We analyze our products in independent laboratories under strict international standards that ensure their quality, durability and safety”.

— CEO of the company, Diego Vicedo

INCLASS is a dynamic and innovative family business, with a long tradition in the manufacture of contemporary design furniture for work environments, public spaces and private residences.
The company works closely with world-class designers, always with the aim of creating innovative products that are the expression of a pure, elegant and timeless design. Their roster of designers includes Christophe Pillet, Simon Pengelly, Jonathan Prestwich, Yonoh, Archirivolto Design, Jorge Pensi, Carlos Tíscar, Jean Louis Iratzoki, and Frances Rifé, among others.