Sunbrella X Lafuma Mobilier – Allure Collection

New Indoor & Outdoor Collection

A leader in the industry, Sunbrella® is partnering with LAFUMA MOBILIER for the launch of the Allure Collection. This new range of furniture, combining comfort and French elegance, reveals the craftsmanship of these two brands that share the same high standards and values.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, Allure is composed of tables and seating avaliable in two ranges “Ancône” and “Lounge”. They are suitable for any living space, brillantly combining aesthetic and functionality. Meanwhile, each seat is covered in triple layer quilting from the Tundra range by Sunbrella®, exclusively produced for LAFUMA MOBILIER and avaliable in three colors: Colbalt Blue, Ebony Black and Granite Grey.

The texture of this fabric, soft to the touch, is similar to the fabrics used in the fashion industry. Thanks to its high resistance to weathering and daily use, Sunbrella® fabric is not affected by UV damage, which is often distructive to color, even indoors.

“Ancône” the Dining Range
Between Ingenuity and Refinement

Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, with minimalist design and a finely crafted finish, the “Ancône” range is inviting nonetheless. In the extendable version, it can accommodate up to 10 people in the blink of an eye, with no tools required to assemble or dissasemble the tray and legs.

Eco-friendly, ultra-compact aluminum runners, 95% recycled polymer extension tray… The many technical specifications developed by LAFUMA MOBILIER make this table a must for indoor and outdoor dining. Proof that quality, aesthetics and durability can be delightfully compatible.

Complementing the dining table, the “Ancône” chair – imagined by the design studio Big-Game – is characterized by its clear and graphic lines, its curved armrests, as well as its padded seat covered with Sunbrella® fabric. The mix of textures and reliefs brought by the Tundra textile range offer a harmonious combination and a freedom of composition in a mix & match spirit.

Comfortable and stackable, the “Ancône” chairs have a crossbar backrest for easy handling. Practical, the shape of the armrest also allows the chairs to be hooked to the table to allow easy floor cleaning.

The “Lounge” Range
A Timeless and Iconic Design

Like the famous “Pop-Up” armchair from which is was inspired, the black tubular structure of the “Sphinx” chair is understated, elegant and matches perfectly with the “Cocoon” low table. It can be used inside as well as outside, thanks to its ingenious spindle folding system.

The “Cocoon” low table was created in a refined and resolutely contemporary style. Its rounded top, reminiscent of a pebble shape, and its large size, makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Covered in the Tundra fabric by Sunbrella® that is avaliable in three colors, the “Sphinx” chair brings a modern touch to spaces, while ensuring optimal comfort.

Durability and Innovation Promoting
French Made Brands

This collaboration between LAFUMA MOBILIER and Sunbrella®, was born from a common desire to create durable, ergonomic and easy to maintain French furniture.

Eco-solutions and choice of materials
Environmentally conscious, Sunbrella® takes great responsibility for its ecological impact from the manufacturing process to the final use of the product. The color pigments, integrated into the heart of the fiber, ensure the durability and resistance of the fabrics. This means that these fabrics have a longer lifespan and are replaced less than traditional textiles. Solution-dyed acrylic also saves water.

At LAFUMA MOBILIER, deconstruction is considered from the beginning of the development and design phase. At the end of their life cycle, all products are easily detachable, some even without tools.

The creative teams design no-frills products: a minimal amount of material for maxiumum durability and comfort. LAFUMA MOBILIER uses partially recycled and 100% recyclable steel and aluminum, the powder paints are 100% recycled and the majority of their fabrics are Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

A 5-year warranty is offered on all Sunbrella® and LAFUMA MOBILIER, ranges, which are composed of materials from European countries.

Creations designed for users
Known for the high end quality of their fabrics, Sunbrella® challenges the stresses of everyday life by developing collections that allow for the serene enjoyment of indoor and outdoor spaces. Resistant, water-repellent and treated against stains, the fabrics are easily washable with a sponge. Also Oeko-Tex certified, they guarantee the comfort of all users.

Innovation and ergonomics are central to the creation of LAFUMA MOBILIER which offers products perfectly adapted to each individual for a durable comfort: padding of the seats in three layers, rubber joints…

The HPL (high pressure laminate) tops of the LAFUMA MOBILIER tables are particularily resistant to abrasion, impact UV and heat (up to 180°C). Made from multiple layers of resin, this material offers many advantages.

French expertise
This collaboration also highlights the quality and expertise of French production. Sunbrella® fabrics are created by the brands design studio and woven in Wasquehal near Lille, in the Dickson Constant factory. The production of LAFUMA MOBILIER furniture is also conducted in France, in the Drôme region.

Since 1954, LAFUMA MOBILIER designs, develops and manufactures indoor and outdoor furniture in metal and textile for those moments of relaxation. Durability, comfort and style are the shared values of all their creations. Relying on the unique French expertise and a sharp sense of innovation, the brand continues to attract relaxation seekers. Since 2020, they have been awarded the certification of Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant.

About Sunbrella®
A true industry benchmark for over 50 years, Sunbrella® integrates performance and design to create refined textiles for indoor and outdoor use. For several years, the brand has championed a flow of movement between spaces and do this by playing on the association of both fabrics and materials for effect. The collections are born and recreated in captivating colors that are enhanced with graphic and bold patterns