Alpha FX Office, London

The Brunel Building, Paddington, London, United Kingdom

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The modern office needs to inspire, to motivate, and to captivate. The best ones also look after their employees and give something back to them, day in day out, for what they put in. This is exactly what Modus and Alpha FX set out to do. From the moment you step inside their offices in the iconic London Brunel Building, you can be sure of one thing. You enter a dramatic, impactful work environment that leaves a lasting impression. In every facet of the workspace, Alpha FX’s care about its people is tangible; the design was centered around the company’s ‘work hard, live well’ philosophy, providing a space to nurture, excite and attract the very best talent. Beyond the private lift lobby, you’ll find a large, open-plan workspace, with a gym, barbershop, tech room, meeting room, lounge, presentation room, tea-point, bar and dining area. “This is an office that brings people together and provides them says Morgan Tillbrook, CEO of Alpha. “It’s also a space that encourages them to make the time to look after themselves – something that I believe is key to any high performing business. A few people have questioned how we can justify the cost of a gym and personal trainer, and the answer is, quite easily. Ultimately, it’s about putting our employees first and making sure they have everything they need to deliver their best performance.”

Motivational elements fill the space. In the gym, a space that employees can use at any time, ‘Bring Your A Game’ adorns the floor-to-ceiling mirror in frosted letters, while in the on-site barbershop (where employees can receive a trim every month), the phrase ‘work hard but live well’ is emblazoned on the wall in neon letters visible from the outside in the evening. Everywhere one looks, the sense of energy and positive motivation is palpable. Design firm Modus Workspace created an energetic space, harnessing beautiful interior design that makes use of natural light and industrial finishes, while adding natural elements and finishes, rounding it all off with pieces of vibrant pop-art that make the space truly come alive. This design balances the industrial and the natural, utilising the harsh, exposed and angular nature of the concrete and steel to create a dramatic working environment.

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The Brunel Building, Paddington


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