Areia Residence, Kuwait

24 Feb , 2019  

Located in the Southern part of Kuwait, Areia House boasts interiors that pay homage to symmetry by using simple plane geometry to create a contemporary house that is complex and diverse. Designed by Associated Architects Partnership, in collaboration with Leonor Feyo, the structure is positioned in such a way as to give tenants a beautiful view of the canal beyond. Shades of white accentuate the simplicity of the space, while a black circular staircase acts as one of the key defining elements, along with the stunning architecture, of course. The interiors connect with the exterior areas in a seamless fashion, extending all the way to the plot limits. On the opposite edge of the plot, next to the entrance, stands a formal social gathering space for guests. The upper floors are bounded by enveloping walls, partially perforated, that effectively guarantee privacy. 


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