Axiom Headquarters, Dubai Silicon Oasis

Axiom Headquarters, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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Designed and executed by MMA, with contracting work by China Railway 18th Bureau Group, the main design directive for Axiom Telecom offices in Dubai Silicon Oasis was to create an iconic headquarter that represented the brand’s identity. And this has been achieved with remarkable finesse.

The project, titled Axiom Town, was based on four fundamental assumptions and their relationships – Iconic and Green Building, City, Garden and Technology. The client’s guidelines also focused on Impact, Presence, Recognisability and Synesthesia. The design process centered on these concepts, culminating in a sizeable, but at the same time suspended and balanced, structure. Cement, black glass and corten were the three fundamental materials used to shape this landmark.

The architectural complex follows the land topography, giving life to a building raised to preserve the main garden, creating multi-functional areas where public and private spaces intertwine harmoniously. A corten roof visually connects the stone fragments and the many faceted elements that connect the whole project. The impressive sculpture then becomes the link that joins the exterior and interior.

The internal walkways intersect the different buildings, and everything is connected by large black windows that merge with the building. Internally, there is a continuous balance between operational and relational spaces – collaboration between people is one of the focal points of the project.

The general plan is divided into three main blocks with different functions – a main area dedicated to aggregation (restaurant, lounge bar, gym, spa, conference room), a central area for operational and managerial activity, and finally the area assigned to the production and logistics operations, which is perfectly integrated with the rest of the building.

The main garden, as well as the interior, is made up of a mix of trees, water mirrors and lights, along with stone and wood surfaces, that create continuity throughout and add character.

In a stupendous effort to balance public and private space, Axiom Town offers a journey through a visionary city suspended between industrial restoration and greenery. 

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365,973 sq-ft.


Axiom Headquarters, Dubai Silicon Oasis


United Arab Emirates




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