Industrial/Oil & Gas/Energy/Chemicals

BASF Regional HQ Office, Dubai

JAFZA One, Tower B, Floor 15, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Designed by Bluehaus, the interiors of BASF aim to provide a healthy, connected, agile and efficient work environment not only for employees but customers too. The reception area is designed for receiving and welcoming customers, partners and guests in a warm and friendly atmosphere. It is equipped with soft furniture perfect for collaborations. Glass walls in the meeting rooms have been partially covered by special patterned frosted film to provide not only privacy for the inside screen but also represent connectivity (one of the main design concepts), molecular chemical structure (chemistry is BASF’s core business), and a local element (similar to classic urban aesthetics found in Deira and Bur Dubai, as well as the design of the build pavilion in Dubai Expo 2020).

Ergotron’s MXV Single and Dual Monitor Arms add style and functionality while also matching the modern aesthetic of the building. Ali Lalehparvar, Manager of Real Estate and Projects division was proud that BASF’s look was enhanced by Ergotron monitor arms, while providing flexibility and comfort to its employees at their new regional headquarters. They were installed on every workstation on the floor, and the cable management was greatly appreciated for the clean look it provided. Steelcase’s Room Wizard system digital touch displays are mounted at the entrance of each meeting room, as part of digitalising the work space. The Room Wizard manages meeting room reservations digitally without manual backend operations. The interactive touch screens display the room availability and reservation details for each meeting room. Considering the risk of disruptive noise levels in the open space areas, the Jabra Noise Detector Guide device, which is a portable device that monitors noise levels and makes people more aware of the impact noise has on their work, is provided in most populated areas. These devices are used to identify especially noisy areas and encourage employees to reduce office noise. When the noise level exceeded a set limit, the Instant Feedback will make the unit turn red, yellow, or green to make people aware of the current noise level which encourages everyone to reduce the noise, thus creating an infinitely better working environment.

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17,855 sq-ft.


JAFZA One, Tower B, Floor 15


United Arab Emirates




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