Benguela Cove, Cape Town

4 Nov , 2018  

What do you get when you include your natural surrounding to the interiors of a house? Benguela Cove.

Situated southeast of Cape Town within the Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate, and designed by ARRCC, the project mirrors its surrounding environment in spectacular fashion. The internal floors and ceilings flow seamlessly into the external living spaces, with the flora of the Capes incorporated in the edges of the internal periphery, terraces and decks.

The interior design elements feature raw materials, such as concrete and granite, and the kitchen island, a key highlight, was formed from rough solid blocks of granite, beautifully contradicting its highly polished counter. Timber sidings are placed at the entrance of the house and then repeated on ceiling planes, while the roofs are a made of corrugated aluminium.

This project was developed into a ‘C’ shape with wings serve to maximise views and create a large sheltered courtyard. However, a modest canopy shelters the front door, and is deliberately understated to capture the minimalist sensibility of the architecture.


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