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BeOnIt Headquarters, Madrid

Calle de Orense, 58, planta 6, 28020 Madrid , Spain

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BeOnIt decided to shake up conventional outsourcing by transforming the traditional BPO model (Business Process Outsourcing) into BTO (Business Talent Outsourcing). This disruptive approach required a space that would enhance this experience. During a deep co-design process, designers 2BOLD delivered the interior concept where the whole experience grew from the idea that ‘The essential is invisible to the eye’. The resulting space is a journey of self discovery that candidates embark upon with a recruiter, the key objective being to expand their professional horizon and make the most out of their capabilities and wills.

The story being told behind the design is that of The Little Prince, the famous book by Saint-Exupéry, and accompanies the candidate in the discovery, creating a whimsical, fun space that also cocoons you within a warm and safe embrace.

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August, 2020


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