Bloxhub Office, Copenhagen

Bryghusgade 8, 1473 Copenhagen, Denmark

About the project

Bloxhub is a co-working community that revolves around cooperation, development, and the export of sustainable Danish design and urban development. The project strives to set future standards for workspaces, and consists of a collaboration between Danielsen Space Planning, Realdania, and the Bloxhub union. Concept development has thus been a vital service, which both promotes internal knowledge sharing and innovation as well as attracts attention to the new co-working activities.

This project is one of the first examples of a platform that combines business, education, showrooms, events, and exhibitions in an innovative manner. A community-style working base was key, where meetings are the foundation for business development, synergies, and innovative processes as Bloxhub primarily hosts startups where members are present in a dynamic way. The conceptual and tailored decorations encourage employees to develop their own space and workstations.

With furniture designed specifically for Bloxhub along with selected pieces with a focus on Nordic design, the interior design helps promote versatile collaborations that are highly sought after in a progressive corporate culture. Meeting spaces and digital media are an integral part of the design with special display walls and interactive meeting rooms. Danielsen Urban Landscape added a natural element with the use of sustainable materials and edible plants as part of the décor and interior landscape.

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12,917 sq-ft.


Bryghusgade 8, 1473 Copenhagen





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