Boqueria Bar, Times Square

53 West 19th st, New York, United States

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This restaurant concept was derived from the famous Barcelona market, housed under a single great roof structure. It is what inspired Studio Razavi Architecture to create an all-encompassing atmosphere, not dissimilar to that market.

Using only wood, the design intent was to mitigate the changing ceiling heights (some in excess of 20 feet), with one varying surface made of wood slats. These would then curve down to extend along the walls, creating a warm texture, which would gradually disappear as it reached down. This allowed for different room sizes to be created, shifting from grand to intimate, and celebrating the centrally located bar and kitchen space as the focal point. The bar became the most prominent spatial element and stands out as a vital organ along with the open kitchen, opposite the main seating area, therefore surrounding clients with the two main features of what a tapas restaurant is all about.

Creating a variety of spatial qualities was equally important in offering clients multiple experiences and dining options. The lighting and decorative schemes also take these variations into account, so as to always provide adequate scale. Material selection is limited to wood, marble counter tops, blackened steel and black cement floor tiles. Custom designed light fixtures further enhance the experience by delineating seating areas and tables.

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4,736 sq-ft.


53 West 19th st


United States


New York




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