Fitness Center

Boxica Fitness Centre, Dubai

Dubai Studio City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About the project

Boxica Fitness Centre was designed and built by HortonTech Interiors, located in Dubai Studio City. The client’s brief was to create an atmosphere to make one feel invincible, sexy and confident. It was to also create a user friendly fitness center, with accessibility for both genders and no experience or fitness level is required to join the fun. The upbeat music and lighting really elevates the vibe and experience to the next level. The main features are the lights and gym equipment alongside the selfie spots with colorful graffiti artworks in the reception, toilet and gym area. There are installations of the aqua bags in the soffit that bring an immersive experience of boxing for all levels with a modern industrial ambience.

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3,142 sq-ft.


Dubai Studio City


United Arab Emirates


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