BRS Ventures, Abu Dhabi

23 Apr , 2019  

BRS Ventures engaged Design Infinity to design and construct a modern, open and collaborative space to maximise productivity while simultaneously providing a cosy ambience. The reception desk has an iconic shape that extends towards the ceiling, with backlit lights that give a star studded sky effect, and customised, modular benches occupy both ends of the waiting area along with tv walls that serve as a quick and casual meeting space. The meeting rooms and boardrooms are strategically located in this part of the office as well to control the flow of visitors entering the staff office.

Lighting and seating are key elements of the design, with decorative ceiling lights and overhead light panels visible throughout, while carpets differentiate the various spaces. With the breakout, reception and meeting rooms accessible from the building lobby, staff are immersed into various dynamic spaces, allowing for formal, informal, individual and team collaboration, with wooden slats as partitions. An enclosed semi-casual training room features a stair-concept seating and customised cushions to promote a young and fresh vibe in the office.

By showcasing modern materials contrasted with upscale finishes and high quality craftsmanship, a refined modern palette flows seamlessly throughout the interior. The earthy yet corporate tones provide a timeless design combined with raw, industrialised materials that have been polished for a sense of luxury and functionality. Overall, the flexible office environment exudes an unpretentious yet sophisticated vibe with delicate design details that incorporates a subtle brand presence.


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