Cilantro Cafe, Egypt

Building No. 34, 261 St., off Al- Jazaier Sq., New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt


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In 2000, Cilantro introduced the concept of Coffee Shop Chains to the Egyptian market, starting with the first branch located in the heart of Zamalek. Designed by Eklego Design, the brand started introducing various branches that initiated the evolution of the coffee shop scene in Egypt, and continued on to what is now the new modernised coffee shop approach, thereby paving the way for many national and international chains to penetrate the market.

Cilantro Cafe’s design is undeniably unique, and incredibly warm and welcoming – a place where passers by could sit down for a rest, to spend a day working away from their desk at home, or to meet friends for a casual catch up. The interiors are mostly clad in wood, and quirky relief-style, carved murals with people in various poses almost reflect whimsical, modern day, hieroglyphics. Wood prevails, second to greenery, both in colour and nature. And seating remains plush, to keep the atmosphere inviting.

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Building No. 34, 261 St., off Al- Jazaier Sq., New Maadi, Cairo


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