Colt Technologies Office, Bengaluru

Manyata Embassy Business Park Parking, Manyata Tech Park Rd, Manayata Tech Park, Nagavara, Bengaluru, India

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Designed by Acme Interiors, The Colt Technology project encompasses 51,000 square feet on the 6th floor of Manyata Tech Park, characterized by an emphasis on biophilic elements, sustainability, and a commitment to human-centric design. From the reception area to the fitness deck and cafeteria, every aspect of the space is meticulously crafted to enhance employee well-being and productivity while reflecting the company’s values. Beginning with the reception area, the design prioritizes openness and positive energy, offering unobstructed views and incorporating biophilic elements to create a welcoming ambiance. The Wall of Fame showcases the company’s achievements, fostering a sense of pride among team members.

Moving into collaborative spaces like the Lab Lounge and Collab Area 06, natural materials and warm lighting promote trust and creativity, while sustainable design choices, such as recycled metal frames and bamboo furniture, contribute to a soothing environment rooted in minimalism. In the workstation area, careful material selection ensures both functionality and aesthetics, with acoustic panels and prismatic diffusers enhancing comfort and productivity. The break-out area further energizes employees with vibrant colors, biophilic elements, and a Zen-inspired cascade for relaxation.

Meeting rooms are designed with versatility and individuality in mind, featuring customized layouts and high-quality finishes to accommodate various needs and preferences. The prefunction area bridges formal and informal settings, while the boardroom exudes success and vitality with dynamic design elements and ample natural light. The fitness deck offers a space for rejuvenation, equipped with amenities like massage chairs and treadmills, all seamlessly integrated into the design to promote employee well-being. Finally, the cafeteria combines natural elements with in-house crafted furniture to create a comfortable dining experience for up to 300 people. Throughout the project, sustainability is a guiding principle, with a focus on the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. By incorporating biophilic elements, sustainable materials, and energy-efficient systems, the Colt Technology workspace not only achieves LEED Platinum certification but also prioritizes the health, comfort, and productivity of its occupants. “

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50,999 sq-ft.



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February, 2024

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