Confederate Rose Home, Pune

Pune, India


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Designed by MuseLAB, this 7000 square foot apartment, located on the 12th floor of Godblessing Building at Koregaon Park, Pune, is well thought through masterpiece of detail. The apartment is a fairly large five bedroom space with a double height terrace and a private pool and sauna. The overarching concept was to make the spaces happy and eclectic with a cheerful juxtaposition of traditional and modern. The furniture is customised and the interiors feature a pastel palette, vivid patterns, playful artwork and luxurious fabrics against a classical backdrop.

The Confederate Rose (hibiscus mutabilis) is famous for its dramatic colour changes, going from white to pink to deep red within one day. And so the aesthetics followed from the living room, which is all vanilla, transitioning into deeper hues as we move public to private spaces. The main door features an applique of veneer in a chevron pattern, painstakingly achieved by orienting the grains to achieve the diagonals. The houndstooth transitions into a black Marquina marble floor in the foyer with walls and ceilings washed in a powder blue. An ornate sofa finished in distressed white PU has a seat upholstered in a tie and dye fabric and a back in monochromatic pinstripe. This statement piece of furniture is set against a mural of customised cement tiles designed by MuseLAB in collaboration with Bharat Floorings. On either side of the entrance foyer is a partition made of 72 bevelled glass panels encased in solid teak. The living and dining space, laid with a golden spider marble and finished in ivory walls.

A powder blue wall against the dining table is lined up with a cluster of concrete, maze-like murals also designed by MuseLAB, across from which sits the 12 foot, dining console, the piece de resistance of this space. It is an ode to the different kinds of woods used in the house. A collection of ceramic urns from Iqrup and Ritz complete this composition.

The den is designed to be a multi-functional space. It works both as a home theatre and a living space with furniture designed as modular elements to allow for flexibility. The composition and application of the classical wall moulding resonates with the same panel graphic that is embedded throughout the house. A private foyer at the other end of the den features a houndstooth pattern on the floor, with a bottle grape colour on the walls and the a blue ceiling from which hang a cluster of wire-framed lights. This foyer leads to the four bedrooms, a service room and a storeroom, and is undoubtedly a favourite space according to the designers.

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