Penthouse at The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

Las Vegas, United States

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From  first conversations with The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas about the design of the Boulevard Penthouses, Daun Curry Design Studio was told the sky was the limit. And when they first saw the 65,000 square feet of raw space on the 75th floor of the east tower of the hotel, they were immediately struck by the unparalleled views of the Vegas strip and the mountains beyond. This landscape became the basis for their design.

They were immediately drawn to a color palette of ochre, coriander and blush tones to merge seamlessly with the exterior landscape. With soaring 15’ ceilings and unobstructed views, we knew that open layouts would be the cornerstone of their design.

Initial inspiration also came from Sam Haskins “Cowboy Kate” photographs from the 1960s, which are seductive, playful and adventurous. They juxtaposed this feeling of seduction with a healthy dose of the glamour of vintage Vegas and the disco era (think Cher in the 1970s). And they sought to embody the “devil-may-care attitude” of Sin City by injecting a sense of organized chaos. They created a mingling of materials that feels provocative and intriguing. There are several examples, such as live orchid towers constructed of perforated brushed brass, pony hair walls that transition into gold mica plaster, and grotto bathtubs that are carved out of Calacatta Gold marble with soap finished white oak coffered ceilings.

They partnered with many talented artisans to create our bespoke interiors. They sourced classic Murano glass molds and worked with local craftspeople to make updates to their iconic designs. They collaborated with sculptor Alex Roskin to design a collection of custom furniture consisting of polished cast bronze tables, live-edge wood beds with brass inlays, and hand-forged brass art hooks. They commissioned original art from Fernando Mastrangelo, Miljan Suknovic and Mallory Page. The overall goal was to create spaces that felt completely bespoke and special to the Cosmopolitan; custom designs were an enormous part of that effort.

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