Cubano Lito, Dubai

12 Jun , 2019  

The design brief for Cubano Lito was to create a casual, comfortable, visually dynamic yet approachable and understated dining space. Bishop Design adopted the language and sentiments of Cuban’s vibrant culture in the interior, carefully avoiding a faux and thematic result.

Raw, poured concrete floorings with differing degrees of grit blasted stenciled patterns applied in situ reflected traditional Havana townhouses. The walls were rendered off on top of the natural block wall, and the use of reclaimed palettes adorn both ceiling and wall surfaces. A unique surface application applied through the use of a locally commissioned artist, using a stencil technique, created visually striking artwork and intriguing text.

The bar surface has an application of reclaimed pipings reused from site. In the overall interior spaces, colour dominates creating a myriad of tonal shades and differing colour palettes from the hard material finishing, decorative surfaces and upholstery within. Each piece of furniture was selected and sourced from architectural salvage, from the one piece trunk high top communal table, down to the reclaimed barber’s chairs fixed at the bar. Dominating red and blue tones are seen throughout the space representing the national colours of Cuba. The resulting interior is an eclectic array of furnishings and interior styling in a sophisticated environment, celebrating all that is Cuban.

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