Deseo Restaurant, Dubai

Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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About the project

Emerging from the ME by Melia Hotel, as part of The Opus Building, resides a garden paradise named Deseo.

Upon Bishop Design’s initial site visit, they were faced with a concrete slab of a space which was void of any identity – a pool accompanied by a finite number of undressed seating arrangements, a couple of cabanas, and a few stranded planters.

The Client desired a Tulum vibe, approachable but with a distinct energy, which could translate from day to night. They were therefore tasked with creating a versatile space, taking their inspirations from the Mexican beach-town but evolving them in a way to become very appealing for Dubai.

A key feature is their intervention with greenery, reflective of Tulum but manipulated to provide a dynamic, distinct setting for the city. Large pots that were acquired from site have been stamped with striking art details and further enhanced with additional heavy vegetation. Extending these ideologies to include the façade, a thicker skin of foliage contributes to the lush green blanket that wraps around the entire environment; creating an oasis within an urban city.

Now a glamorous deck and one of the most vibrant hotel pool offerings in the city, which unfolds into a lively evening setting as the sun sets, this has become is a perfect embodiment of Tulum meets Dubai. In the heart of a bustling concrete jungle, Deseo provides a unique hideaway enveloped in nature, allowing people to feel their most relaxed whilst enjoying their electrifying surroundings.

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12,063 sq-ft.


United Arab Emirates

Completed On:

December, 2019
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