Drift Beach Club, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

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To create a rustic, Dhow Racing inspired Beach Club which would reflect the essence & history of the UAE’s traditional sail boat, a symbol of the past and present. An interior & exterior Beach Club that is rustic, yet sophisticated and relaxed with a modern appeal.

The time frame was one of the key challenges when designing the project. In terms of interior challenges, the curved timber feature wall is another example. Designed to reflect the interior of a Dhow bow, WA International wanted to create a feature that reflected the epitome of a craftsmanship from bygone era, however in an authentic yet modern appeal. The challenge was working with curved lines and angles, bentwood & challenging fixing methods, to create the 3 dimensional wall consisting of beams and cross beams with perfect calculations that would reflect and represent the internal bow of a Dhow vessel.

As described above the interior curved wall inspired by the Dhow as well as the interior bar which was also inspired by the Dhow. The exterior is bar is a wonderful emerald green bar. The client wanted a wow statement. The bar was made from acrylic, also quite a challenge to manufacture because of the designs’ special angels. The bar is finished in a gorgeous deep emerald to reflect the shallow waters of the Arabian Gulf

A rustic yet comfortable and sophisticated interior with its concept & design rooted in its location. The space not only reflects the concepts in a contemporary appeal but also in the region’s history, from the early days of pearl diving to a modern and progressive Emirate of the 21st Century.
The main concept is Dhow racing, a historical and nautical symbol of the UAE and still a much loved sport today. The concept has been subtly layered with other aspects relating and reflecting of the UAE. Arabic mushrabiya screens, fish trap inspired pendant light fixtures, the interior bar counter representing a Dhow as well as the eye catching emerald green exterior bar which all tie the concept and inspirational sources together.
The colour palette is a neutral canvas back drop, with accent colours of blue reflecting the gulf waters. Light & crisp fabrics with tonal textures reflective of the sand dunes and beaches, finishes add a sense of coolness and an understated glamour, whilst woven dining chairs and drift wood table tops add to the rustic feel of the space, all materials, finishes and design elements have created Dubai’s newest Beach Club called Drift.


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118,403 sq-ft.


United Arab Emirates

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