Egeo Restaurant, Valencia

Carrer del Literat Azorín, 8, 46006 València, Spain

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Masquespacio presents Egeo, the first Greek restaurant that the studio led by Ana Milena Hernández and Christophe Penasse designed in Valencia.

The design started when Thanasis and Ana contacted Masquespacio to create their first Egeo in Valencia. Counting already with 2 restaurants in Madrid, the souvlaki (Greek meat and vegetables brochettes) chain founded by Thanasis, was looking for an interior design studio that could give continuity to its already existing interior design identity.

The biggest challenge was although that they didn’t want a huge change in the design for their first space in Valencia. Initially they maintained Egeo’s white and blue color palette, although they searched to bring the space closer to Greece, applying the beauty of cementish materials that are so typical for the ancient Greek houses.

The walls above incorporate volumes with organic forms as one of the most highlighting features from the space, continuing with the search to represent the essence of Greek architecture. The most standing out element from the design is although a series of Greek columns in a deteriorated state, painted here in blue.

For the recreation of the columns in their modern version a blue color was used, while they were produced with a 3D printer. At the same time led tubes were added to the structure. The regular color was challenged, next to its production technique, making them a contemporary element produced with 21st century technology.


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1,077 sq-ft.



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March, 2022

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