Learning Centre

Emirates Publishers Association, Sharjah

8 Aug , 2019  

With a monochromatic look created by black steel frames and white marble flooring, the founder of Maja Kozel Design created a warm and inviting space for Emirates Publishers Association’s (EPA) office in Sharjah Publishing City.

The space is divided into three distinct zones: a reception, public zone, and service counter; a majlis, and a private workplace. Grand bookcases running down either side of the reception area exude a literary charm and also serve as a backdrop for the office.

The one-stop shop counter is designed to be warm and inviting, while the meeting room just behind it is enclosed to maintain privacy, although it is well lit and ventilated. Timber strips adorn the ceiling, reflecting a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, while glass panels provide a corporate touch.

The majlis, meanwhile, has the right blend of wood, light and open space to create a warm and relaxing environment and is accessible via the public area through a separate entrance. The most striking design element is the floor-to-ceiling bookcase with a bespoke staircase that allows access to the topmost shelves.

As for the private workplace, it is designed in an open format and relies heavily on natural light by incorporating large windows. The bookcases have a quirky design that also serves as a casual meeting bench, and is created to have several openings, thereby making it multi-functional as well as unconventional. Divider cabinets have planters on top that create a natural division of space, while black workstations stand out as a stark contrast to the white graphic walls. Overall, the colour scheme is classic monochromatic accentuated with grey concrete wall finishes and floor tiles, while strips on the floor create a barcode effect to match the character of the office.

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