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Equitativa Group Head Office (Emirates REIT), Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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The office of Equitativa Group houses several businesses. The challenge for the Cambridge Design+Build was to create a cohesive space that encapsulates the vision and mission of each entity, yet still reflects the personalities its founders, who are avid collectors of art and natural stones.

While the vision and aesthetics were clearly guided by the founders, the practicality and zoning was discussed in great detail with the management within each entity, to ensure their very specific requirements were captured and implemented. Once the central design aesthetic was approved, the space was accessorised and the artwork added to create a personalised feel. The design story was centered on an eclectic aesthetic whilst also being inclusive of nature. The eclectic features include an ancient carved door from India, fossils and natural stones from four different continents and artwork from around the world.

When people think of nature in the office, they often think of planters and greenery. Equitativa Group went a step further by also adding natural stone and wood for a warm, earthy feel, contrasted by slick bronze mirrors strategically located to open up the space while simultaneously creating mystery and intrigue. Statement pieces include a million year old fossil, which adorns the family office entrance, and various amethysts and semi precious crystals within their natural rock form.

The guiding principals of Herman Miller’s Living Office were utilised for the management of each workspace. When combined with the wellness and energy focus of the stones placed throughout the office, this created a unique spin to office wellness.

Functionality was a key component of the office. Each employee was given a sit-stand desk and ergonomic Herman Miller chairs. The floor plate was also equipped with localised water points, access to natural light from every space, and multiple format meeting areas, such as small huddles, standing meeting rooms, informal break out spaces and private booth areas.

The office exudes a high end, comfortable feel, more frequently experienced in a five star hotel. But while the interiors are luxurious, the design also displays a keen focus on environment and sustainability. Materials were sourced locally where possible to minimise the impact of the logistical cycle, and low VOC adhesives ensured exceptional air quality, coupled with British Standard for Offices acoustic consideration of all MEP services and sound isolation for user comfort. Antiglare surfaces were used in conjunction with indirect lighting at all workstation areas as one of the requirements was both in and out of hours working for all employees.

The outcome was an office that facilitates practical working, while also inspiring users and visitors.

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