ESAG Design Hub, Dubai

13 Aug , 2019  

Designed by Schwitzke & Partner, the Easa Saleh Al Gurg showroom in Dubai Design District is a hybrid space that aims to connect designers and like-minded audience to seven interior design and architecture companies comprising the ESAG Group.

To accommodate all the brands, the design team decided to implement an open plan concept and introduce a dynamic space that can be altered based on changing needs, with meeting rooms that can be set up as modular components. Developing a seamless expanse where seven brands can retain their individuality was a challenging feat, as the aim was to leverage each company’s identity in the same space. Besides being a one-stop solution for products and solutions, the hub also integrates various workstations seamlessly within the retail space to allow brands to cohabitate and create a stimulating work environment.

Schwitzke incorporated several pavilions that were arranged in a random fashion, such that they created invisible partitions to give each brand a unique frame and emphasize their most captivating pieces. To maintain branding standards, logos were positioned on the pavilion’s sides, facing the entrance, to guide visitors throughout the space.

Overall, the Design Hub exhibits its potential as a single destination for everything related to interior design and addresses not only traditional customer needs but also creates opportunities for the ESAG Group brands to find new avenues in engaging creatives and end-users.

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