FG House, Italy

Via Giamaolle 22, 38051 Borgo Valsugana , Italy


About the project

Designed for a young family, the FG house is located in the southern part of Borgo Valsugana municipality, on a slightly sunken ground that offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. The access is from the street, and the landform, the absence of fencings, the good relationship with the neighbours, all make this place a wonderful oasis to socialise. This house is a living space where four families can meet, have dinners, play outside and chat. The aim was been to design a volume, which gave a sense of hospitality and from which you could see the surrounding mountains.

A covered porch at the entrance welcomes guests and also works as a shelter, and together with the paved roof, helps to reduce the visual impact of the main front on the surrounding landscape. The prefabricated, energy efficient, wood house is characterised by large windows, which allow for plenty of daylight and views. On the roof, solar panels are mounted with the same angle so they can’t be seen from below. The home’s energy efficient disposition, and respect of natural resources is evident through this and a wood cladding made of larch planks. This way the house stands out from the nearby buildings, characterised by different materials, yet blends with the surrounding nature.

The ground floor houses not only a living area, office, bathroom, and garage, but also a covered exterior, an entrance porch and a small garden on the north side. The unity of the building is expressed by the wood cladding, which ties all the elements together avoiding the use of eaves, and hiding aluminium gutters and drainpipes.

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2,874 sq-ft.



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October, 2018
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