Fitness Center

Flow Yoga Studio, Pontevedra

Rúa Eduardo Pondal, 28, 36003, Pontevedra, Spain

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It is said that yoga is the union of body and mind. Nan arquitectos‘s job was to find a place where this was possible – creating a comfortable and flexible space to practice sports as well as a warm and calm environment for meditation.
The initial space was a blank canvas, a long and narrow floor that was decided to be divided into three sections according to the agreed needs. The organizing element is a module located in the middle of the premises made up of exposed brick partitions that draw a broken path in the floor and give greater fluidity to the circulation space. This is where the services are located: toilets, changing rooms and the warehouse storage area.

In turn, this element delimits the two main spaces, one used as a teahouse and reception at the front of the premises, and the other for the practice of yoga and located in the background. This way, it is possible to get a continuity since each area connects to the previous one and to the next in a natural way.

With the aim of creating the desired environment, the designers have used a series of materials and construction techniques that give warmth and simplicity to the space. They’ve used materials in their most natural state: wood, concrete with its imperfections, and brick combined with exposed installations and industrial-style taps. Thus, the essence of this place is focused on the nature itself and the peace that it transmits.

Through design, the space reflects the philosophy of yoga and hence the furniture plays a fundamental role here. For example, the continuous bar of the tearoom creates an environment of trust, and the shelves to store the material in the classroom contributes to create order and cleanliness. The connection with the sun is essential in the practice of yoga so we decided to use this symbolism in the shape and lighting of the mirrors located in the most important areas of the place. In short, the project symbolizes a journey where, upon entering, the user leaves behind the fast pace of life and gradually connects with the space through body and mind.

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