Free Spirit Villa, Jumeirah Park

Jumeirah Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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About the project

Harf Noon Design Studio were called upon to create the interiors of this villa in Jumeirah Park. The space had plenty of natural light and the clients wished for an airy yet elegant design, a space where they could entertain and be uplifted.

The chosen colour palette featured muted tones that allowed the warm wood floors to pop, with navy blue and yellow tones to balance some of that warmth. The play of textures lets the eye to travel easily across the wood grain, Calcatta marble and warmer fabrics. It was also a conscious decision to leave the windows undressed to accent their shape and let the light flood in.

The Master bedroom features grey and blue tones, and warm floors, with customised bedside tables. The overall design is fairly minimal as per the client’s request. The office, which also serves as the guest room, is a darker space due to the house orientation, and added much more warmth with the wooden storage unit. The extended desk also meant that an office is fully equipped with everything necessary to fully function for WFH (Work From Home).

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4,335 sq-ft.


United Arab Emirates

Completed On:

December, 2020
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