Hampton Gardens Villa, Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

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This villa, designed by Siobhan Loates Design, reflects both the clients’ personalities and their shared cultural histories. For example, an antique Japanese screen holds specific meaning because the American client spent several years working in Japan. The aerial beach photographs in the breakfast room are taken in California, where they also have a house, which reminds the Portuguese client of her childhood.

All rooms naturally flow from the central landing and hallway, creating a number of interesting viewpoints. Whilst the home has a harmonious and relaxed feel, each room has also been given its own personality. In one room it is the artwork that is the key piece, whereas in others, an antique table or a chandelier. The designer set out to deliver refinement through the use of Art Deco elements and classic furnishings, with accents created using mixed contemporary designer pieces with 20th Century modern antiques. Artwork and favourite fabrics were used to inform the colour schemes.

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