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HassConsult, Nairobi

Waiyaki Way, Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya

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HassConsult, Nairobi decided to expand their office and add more space to make room for their growing requirements. Their preference for design lay in an elegant interior that would also be timeless. And their sustainability ethos desired minimal use of air-conditioning, and maximum use of natural light and ventilation.

Design firm Eryll J Sharma Interior Design managed to achieve this by creating an open and flexible space with provisions for future expansion. The fitout was perfectly executed by Stonehenge.

The underlying theme for the design of the office is reflective of ‘Real Estate’, and while this may sound a bit tough to translate into aesthetics, the designers have managed quite successfully. Elements of nature and the outdoors peak through (notice the tree erupting from the wooden flooring!), while street lamps light up the common area.

Brick walls and a clock face, both of which would normally feature on the façade of an old building, also decorate the corridor space, further highlighting the real estate angle.

The entire office exudes an inside-outside feel with open, flexible gallery spaces and workstations, and hanging bowl lights that enhance the gallery-like feel of the central space.

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