Hilton Tanger City Center Hotel, Morocco

2 Dec , 2018  

Located in the district of Malabata baie, this hotel offers beautiful panoramic views of the Mediterranean on one side, and the Acharf neighbourhood on the other, which is reminiscent of a traditional Moroccan village. Moreover, Jaime Beriestain Studio designed the hotel in a combination of European and Moroccan style.

The local craftsmanship greatly defines the hotel’s identity, and is reflected in the designer’s personal reinterpretation of traditional ‘zellige’ pottery, along with traditional Moroccan textiles, brass and the use of ‘tadelakt’ coating.

The colour palette is inspired by the desert, with hues of bone and sand, which bring light and warmth to the space. At the top of the reception wall, broken gold leaf has been applied in the form of a waterfall, from which emerges a combination of colours and contrasts, ranging from dark blue to light gray. Mashrabiya patterned screens form shelves for intimate seating, while objects locally sourced from the souqs create a vibrant atmosphere.


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