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Hyatt Regional Head Office, Dubai

6 Aug , 2019  

The design brief for the Hyatt Regional Head Office in Dubai, was to create a space to foster interaction and collaboration among employees. Designed by Cityspace, the central design theme is urban and eclectic, almost residential with an industrial feel, which is accentuated with a colour palette of greys and green and weathered material.

Flexibility and openness were key elements in the design, with a focus on effective and functional space. The open style layout features private booths and niche spaces with an array of furniture settings for more private scenarios. The thoughtful work station planning allows for clear direct and indirect sight lines across the office space providing a sense of connection and personal zoning. Bespoke acoustic baffles and smart acoustic pendant lights with soft flooring were also added to minimize disturbance and promote a healthy and positive working environment. For the material palette, the design team wanted to create an office with a homely environment, so opted for natural materials such as wood, woolen fabrics and greenery to spark a biophilic effect and evoke an environmental connectivity. The design team also relied on natural light and incorporated energy efficient controlled lighting, to evoke different moods throughout the day and maintain consistent circadian rhythms for the employees.


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