The scope was to design a bank branch outlet geared towards their premium clients. Incorporating their brand aesthetics through the selection of materials and finishes, as well as giving a subtle nod towards their Kenyan roots. This was accomplished by accenting walls with dramatic artwork from local artists (enhanced against dark walls); using bold African-inspired prints on wood and leather arm chairs; and featuring wallpaper and fabrics mimicking the banks triangular logo.
The biggest challenge faced was how to create an exclusive experience for the bank patrons in one of the busiest parts of the mall. And so we took advantage of the high traffic area by branding their largest wall while concealing the entrance reception.
The entrance was designed similar to a lounge lobby, where you are ‘checked-in’ at the reception desk and then proceed through hidden access-controlled doors into the main banking hall. With polished marble-effect floor tiles, plush carpet meeting rooms, piped music in the background and a self-service coffee station the main banking hall feels private and exclusive. A space that reinforces the bank’s promise to their patrons that they are there to serve and assist in their wealth management.