Infinia Recycling Office, Hadera

Yosef Maizer 1, Hadera, Israel

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Infinia Recycling Office in Hadera, Israel, is designed by Liza Ziv – Interior Design  and fitted out by Hail Yosefun. Infinia Recycling is an  established Israeli company of 70 years, its main activity is manufacturing and recycling paper and cardboard. Their office building was built in the 1950’s, and was “tired” and very old fashioned. The building is mainly made of concrete walls and poles and the interior was hiding that with a lot of dry walls and closed off offices.

The revealing of the concrete poles and niches during the renovation, played a big part of the final design. For example, when taking down the dry walls in both sides of the interior space, designers discovered concrete niches along the entire space which they ultimately used for office storage, instead of bringing in closets . A main guideline for this renovation was “transparency”.

The management asked Liza Ziv – Interior Design for transparent offices and mainly open space areas in order to achieve a feeling of openness between all of the floor’s employees. In this projects, designers designed 2 models of light fixtures made of recycled cardboard, and they are used throw-out the floor.

Liza Ziv – Interior Design chose to leave most of the concrete poles raw as they discovered them with all their imperfections, which makes a contrast between the new and the old and pays respect to the dated building. An old narrow window was opened up and became a wide door to a new deck space overlooking the factory and bringing in a lot of natural light.

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3,229 sq-ft.






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September, 2021

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